Supercharging MindBody: MindBody and QuickBooks Integrations and More


If you’re in the health and wellness industry, you are fully aware of the hours wasted daily dealing with disconnected records, managing customer data, and fighting with outdated or archaic payment systems.

You probably use a scheduling system like MindBody to run your business, but it’s probably not synced to your marketing machine as closely as you’d like and it’s certainly not connected to your accounting system.

At The SilverLogic (TSL), API integrations, business automation, and helping enterprises reduce repetitive work and overhead are our specialties. As we help you streamline your business operations, you can focus on improving your customer experience. We take care of integrating your scheduling system with QuickBooks, Constant Contact, or whatever services you need to keep your customers and accountant happy. In addition, keeping customers informed about activity relating to their account can be handled efficiently with push notifications on a mobile app, or via SMS or email.

Why Us? We have experience with API integrations in general and with MindBody in particular. Specifically, we can help you:

  • Integrate MindBody with QuickBooks Online, Twilio, or a custom application
  • Automatically update contacts in Constant Contact based on their activity in MindBody
  • Build a MindBody integration for your app to handle scheduling

If you’re looking for a partner that will help you seamlessly integrate MindBody with your existing software or create something completely new, please e-mail us at or through the contact form on our website.

MindBody Sales and Source Reporting

Is there a sudden uptick in walk-ins? Did one of your competitors close without notice or are your expensive radio ads finally paying off? Where are your customers coming from? 

Although MindBody has many useful reports for analyzing your sales, your marketing team is probably interested in an easy-to-digest dashboard, similar to that produced by Google Analytics, to trace what marketing channel is producing the best results.

Depending on whether you are a single location or a multi-location business, you may be able to connect your MindBody API directly to a service like Klipfolio to produce a dynamic dashboard or you might have to build some lightweight middleware to organize your data before display.


Custom MindBody QuickBooks Integrations

If your marketing and sales reports are dialed in, what about your accounting? By integrating your MindBody and QuickBooks accounts you can have end-to-end insights on:

  • How does your marketing spend correlate with your income
  • Are there any black holes in the conception of your business?
  • Are there any areas where refunds are eating up your profits?

Although automating parts of your accounting flow is a little scary, the time saved and reduction in human error is well worth the investment. If you’re selling bigger-ticket items or subscriptions on MindBody, your customers may appreciate an opportunity to qualify for a loan or create a payment plan. If your customers want to take out a loan, pay with cryptocurrency, barter, or split payments with others, you can leverage the MindBody API and Quickbooks to facilitate the transactions.

Whether you're a music school looking to let your students know about your upcoming classes or want to connect your killer cardio fitness class with subscribers on Twitch, MindBody can help you get there.

Have any ideas on how to enhance your MindBody flow? Let us know - drop us a line at

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