Community Banks roundtable: Fintech Challenges


Community Banks Roundtable - Sponsored by The SilverLogic

In September The SilverLogic hosted a roundtable breakfast event that brought together CEOs from our banking community to talk about the future of banking.

The participants shared insights into their successes and discussed steps they are taking towards continued growth. The conversation intensified with lessons learned from the crash of 2008, then focused on challenges community banks are facing, including competition with the big banks. 

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Rick Kuci - Chairman & CEO                                        Grove Bank & Trust
Fred Reinhardt - Chairman & CEO                            Brickell Bank
Dennis Bedley - Chairman & CEO                             Legacy Bank
Carlos Fernandez-Guzman - President & CEO    Pacific National Bank
Carlos Modia - CFO                                                        Apollo Bank
Laura Trosclair - EVP                                                     Mercantil Bank
Abel Iglesias - President & CEO                                 Professional Bank
Michael Woody - EVP                                                    Professional Bank
Jesse Flowers - Community President                  CenterState Bank
Ginger Martin - President & CEO                              American National Bank




Community Bank Roundtable at The SilverLogic BocaRaton

What was it all about? 

All panelists got to participate in the discussion by answering questions from SFBW regarding:

  • The Great Recession and the state of community banks now
  • If they have been approached to sell their bank or are interested in a merger
  • Their business plans
  • Whether they encounter any limitation set by regulators
  • If and how about the trade tariffs impacting their bank and clients.

This last question brought by SFBW spiced things up before the discussion ended:

Do you offer any banking services to companies in the medical marijuana field or do you see that happening anytime soon?

Understandably, none of the attendees felt comfortable giving an answer on this topic. If you have thoughts on these topic you would like to share, please reach out to me via email at   

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