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Fortress Identity - Acquired 

It’s a great feeling when one of our project companies is acquired. Helping Alessandro, CEO & founder of Fortress Identity, from the early stages to a successful sale is an awesome privilege and rite of passage for any high-achieving software development company. Fortress Identity has been a TSL project since 2018 and was recently acquired by Aware in December 2021. Press Release

Brief Description:
Fortress uses biometric multi-factor authentication to combine onboarding validation and due diligence for compliance and risk management. The result is a highly secure, seamless user experience that eliminates the need for passwords; enables customers to verify identification documents, and directly performs risk and due diligence checks.

Problems solved:
Fortress’s technology allows user authentication through the use of biometrics like voice authentication in order to gain access, therefore, eliminating traditional passwords.



  • Banks: can apply biometric authentication to confirm user transactions to prevent identity fraud, and reduce chargebacks.
  • Hospitals: can apply frictionless step-up biometric authentication at access points to restricted areas and sensitive HIPAA data, including integrated active and passive biometric user identification.

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