10 Pressure Testing Questions for your idea’s path to success!


1. What is your project called?

Example: Branding is vital to the success of any project. Your brand's name is often the first element that customers will engage with. The name must be distinct, authentic, memorable, and enduring. An original name is essential for establishing a strong brand reputation.

2. Can you provide a brief description of your project/idea?

Example: Summarize your idea in one or two paragraphs describing your project or idea. Your description should include a synopsis of project goals and objectives; stakeholders and their roles; metrics for measuring success;
a timeline; and an estimated budget.

3. What is the problem that you're solving?

Example: All successful businesses solve a problem or make life a little easier or cost-effective, or productive for others. If you’re thinking about an idea, think about the problems that it will solve. Having a problem to solve will make your app easier to sell as a solution to that problem.

4. How does your idea solve that problem(s)?

Example: All successful businesses started off as solutions to problems:
Uber was a new twist on the taxi industry - easier and cheaper. Netflix made online media streaming easy and reliable. Kevo made keyless entry easy, Lumosity for memory and brain health.

5. Can you tell us about the different users of the idea/application and how they would interact with it to solve their problem?

Example: What personas represent the different user types that might use your idea/application? Personas can help you understand that different people have different needs, and assumptions and can help you identify with the user

6. Are there any other websites, or applications available doing something similar?

Example: You have a rideshare app idea that is for an upscale clientele and features luxury vehicles and other upscale services. Uber, Lyft, Gett, Curb, etc. are similar apps in this market space.

7. Are there any substitutes for your idea?

Example: Both a plane and a car offer a method of travel. On a shorter distance, it may be more efficient to travel by car than by air. In that instance, a car is an adequate substitute for flying on a plane.

8. How will people find out about your idea?

Example: Will you issue a press release? Talk about the idea on social media. Create a webpage? Search Ads? Influencer/celebrity endorsement? App Store Optimization?

9. What's your funding strategy? Do you need help with funding, or financing to pay for part or all of the development?

Example: Will you fund your idea/application with personal savings, loans, credit cards, friends, and family? Will you find a co-founder to share the cost? Do you anticipate investigating crowdfunding as another way to fund your ideas? Maybe consider raising donations on your own website, or approach angel investors for seed funding.

10. Do you have a number, or figure, in mind that would motivate you to start development today?

Example: Setting a budget to build out your idea will depend on several factors:
• Complexity of the solution to your idea or problem to be solved
• Hourly development rates
• What are your priorities? Cost, Speed, Complexity? 


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