Automate to Innovate: Business Strategies for 2024

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As we get into 2024, you’ve probably thought about how business automation might play a role in your company, whether you want to or not. The talk about Business Automation (BA) is everywhere and it’s clear that the way we now do business has shifted. Here we discuss how BA can benefit your organization with three real-world examples of how The SilverLogic (TSL) leveraged business automation for clients with measurable results.

The Impact of Automation on Business Growth

Think of Business Automation as your business’s autopilot. It’s there to handle the routine stuff - like managing data or customer queries - so you and your team can zero in on the bigger picture. But it's more than just cutting down on the grunt work; it's about paving the way for real growth and innovation. It allows your team to focus their talents where they truly matter, growing your business.

Recently, TSL worked with a services broker seeking to scale their operations to meet increased demand and reduce manual data entry. Through a series of meetings with the client and their staff, we deconstructed their internal processes to devise and implement a business automation strategy using scrapers, billing automation, and email integrations. The resulting platform's core features revolve around the automatic importation and auditing of monthly invoices against providers' service agreements, to identify discrepancies in billing, which helped them recoup $250k in overbilling events in the first fiscal quarter of use alone.

Another example of successfully integrating BA processes into a client workflow was helping a heavy equipment hauling company that needed a way to streamline pickup confirmations and deliveries and automate invoicing. Working with TSL, they built a lightweight platform that scrapes delivery jobs from the client's dispatch system, so drivers can capture signatures during pickup and delivery, log the condition of the equipment being transported via an iPadOS app, and automatically generate invoices in QuickBooks upon completion of deliveries. Since the company began using the application, the dispatcher and other office staff have reduced their workload by 30% while increasing the volume of business.

Decision-Making Gets a Boost

With the right automation tools, you’ve got a treasure trove of data at your fingertips. You can make smarter decisions faster, based on what's happening in your business, using insights to steer your business in the right direction. By eliminating guesswork, you ensure that every move you make is data-driven and aligned with your strategic goals.

The Silverlogic collaborated with a client who managed assisted living facilities to build into their platform a "Staff Module", which automates due date reminders, attendance confirmation, certificate delivery, and completion tracking of state-mandated trainings. Each employee's required trainings and due dates are calculated using factors like their position, responsibilities, prior training history, state, and facility type. Between the Staff Module and another module allowing staff to take trainings directly in the app, the platform has helped hundreds of facilities avoid thousands of dollars per year in fines due to missed trainings or failure to produce training certificates during inspections.

These stories aren't just testimonials; they're proof of the power of automation when applied with vision and expertise.

Smart Automation, Smarter Business

Integrating Business Automation into your strategy isn’t just about keeping up with the Joneses. It’s a smart move that can save you time, reduce errors, and help you focus on future-proofing your business. It’s about working smarter, not harder. Embracing automation today means you're setting up your business for success tomorrow, making sure you stay ahead in a fast-paced world.

What’s Next?

Curious about how Business Automation can work for you and your business? Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, or get better insights, The SilverLogic has the people, the tools, and the know-how to make it happen. Contact us today to explore what automation can do for your business.

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