Looking to smooth sales? Here is why you need an approval tool


The effective use of management approaches and tools such as CRM, strategic planning, time tracking, and approval portals, provides businesses with a way to measure processes, productivity, and efficiency. Such tools not only facilitate communication and improve the workflow between your team and your customers, but they also streamline project processes which can lead to increased sales and profits for your business.

These management tools offer many benefits and can be advantageous to businesses of any size. Of all the tools available, perhaps the most undervalued may be an approval tool. A powerful approval tool is like having a digital mini-contract which provides a single portal where approvals are given, time is tracked, budgets monitored, and most importantly, customer interaction happens in the most transparent way possible.

The importance of an Approval Tool

Finding an approval tool that provides these benefits can also help build customer relationships and trust. Communication and collaboration throughout the progress of a project are organized and easy to follow within a single portal.

All comments, requests, questions, and approvals are easily viewed and tracked by all parties involved, who also receive confirmation emails.

In addition to all these benefits, managers and clients can monitor the overall budget for a project as well as easily see the breakdown of costs for individual features and analyze the percentage of budget spent versus what remains.

This complete transparency which is available with approvd.io is crucial to the overall success of a project as it maintains open communication, helps resolve discrepancies, and creates a digital mini-contract.

What is Approvd.io?

Approvd.io is a centralized budget-friendly approval portal that provides both a company and its clients with complete transparency throughout the entire development process.

It facilitates open collaboration and provides the interaction needed to streamline a project from beginning to end. Organized and easy to use, Approvd.io enables your organization to monitor and track all aspects of a project, including communications, approvals, and budgeting, while eliminating discrepancies and improving overall productivity and efficiency.

Are CRM and Email Enough? Maybe, Maybe Not

Imagine your business has solved the problem of endless email chains, has a finely-tuned CRM to handle the incoming customer pipeline, and a robust project management tool to handle work in progress. What’s missing?

A central place where all collaboration and interaction between you and your client is organized and tracked can be invaluable.

Trying to monitor project communications and requests that come through emails is difficult and more inefficient than you can imagine. According to Forbes, “employees receive around 78 business emails a day and send around 37 a day.” Most companies that take into consideration the number of emails their employees exchange in a given day would realize how inefficient and risky this could be. Emails easily get buried and go unopened, and important requests, questions, and approvals get misplaced or simply go unseen. There simply is no way to keep track of whether or not an email was sent or received, seen, or not seen.

The appropriate approval tool is the solution. A centralized, user-friendly portal can provide the transparent collaboration needed between your employees and clients allowing them to stay on top of every aspect of a project from requests and questions to approvals and budgeting.


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