4 Golden Rules for Social Media Marketing


Over the past 10 years, social media marketing has turned from a novelty thing digitally focused companies used to something every company needs to do, and do well. At TSL, members of our team have helped clients big and small build winning social media programs. These are our golden rules for helping any social media program take flight.


Rule 1: Plan Ahead

Any social media program worth its salt will be scheduled ahead of time. It won’t just save you time, it will help you ensure the content you are sharing falls in line with your current marketing plans. Furthermore, you should check your existing social media metrics and determine what type of content has been performing the best, so you know how to continue creating content to get the most results. At TSL, we tend to schedule our own posts at least two weeks out. We plan our entire month of digital content at least a month ahead of time.

Rule 2: Have Fun

Nothing is worse than a social media post that sounds like it was written by your legal team (no offense to you lawyers out there). Social Media is a great place to really build the voice and tone of your company or organization. It’s also a place you can be more fun and engaging while still being true to who you have established yourself to be as a brand. Fun doesn't mean making everything a joke with your marketing strategy. Being relaxed and not taking yourself too seriously is more important.

Rule 3: Be Authentic

Authenticity is key in everything your company or organization puts out. Whether it’s a press release or a Facebook post, make sure that everything you say sounds like you. Social Media is a great place to build trust with your customers — it’s also a great place to lose it. In social media, authentic brands are more successful because consumers want something real and credible. It is crucial to maintain authenticity on social media. This creates an open platform for feedback and dialogue between brands and consumers in real-time.

Rule 4: Engage with your Audience

It’s easy to just post an article on your company's Facebook page and forget it. Don’t do that. The brands that perform the best online always make sure they are engaging with their audience. Whether it’s responding to a comment on an article you shared on Facebook or joining in on a conversation on Twitter, don’t just walk away from your posts after you share them. The purpose of social networks isn't to provide a one-way communication experience. The goal is to connect - with people and with brands.

A place to communicate with friends online has evolved into a place to engage in meaningful conversations with brands and turn those conversations into followers and customers. The impact of social media engagement on small businesses is immense, impacting everything from brand awareness to customer loyalty. (Buffer.com, read August 2022)

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